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Posted by Karrie Rose on Tuesday, February 5th, 2013 at 10:26am.

We humans are fortunate in that we live on such a very beautiful planet that just happens to have the perfect balance of heat, moisture and light to sustain life. We are the only planet that we know of which resides in what is called the "Goldilocks" zone near our closest star (the Sun) - the perfect distance from this gigantic nuclear reactor to keep our planet at just the right temperature for life to thrive in abundance.

Of all the places you could potentially choose to set up home in the United States there are very few which can offer you the weather and the views on offer from the Gulf of Mexico, exactly where Destin is situated. Destin itself was once an island but over the millennia the sea levels fell and this island has now become the peninsula we love today. Imagine waking up each morning and being able to look out onto the vast and ancient expanse of the Gulf of Mexico with clear blue skies and the blue/green waters of the Gulf itself?


Unless you've had the chance to see the Gulf of Mexico for yourself it's very hard to do it justice with mere words, but needless to say it does provide almost the perfect backdrop to a relaxed way of life - Floridians are not what you could refer to as uptight by any stretch of the imagination.

Of course Destin being located in the Gulf also means you have some of the finest beaches in the world just a short drive away from your home, featuring white powder sand which is so soft to the touch you will barely believe it's actually sand.

In addition to all the beaches in the area there are also plenty of parks and green spaces for you to enjoy too - all adding to the overall beauty of the area and making Destin that bit more desirable a place to live.

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