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Posted by Karrie Rose on Wednesday, February 6th, 2013 at 8:54am.

Every city has its own character and you get to experience this by seeing its people, its park, monuments and of course what kind of shopping experience any city can offer you. Destin itself is a pretty popular tourist destination so it obviously has to cater for incoming tourists but it does offer a great variety of shopping throughout the entire year too. Obviously the thriving economy in Destin is also partially responsible for the shopping experience there - more disposable income represents more potential customers for shops of all kinds.


What we wanted to focus on today are the top 3 stores in Destin so you can get an idea of just what the city can offer you in terms of an overall shopping experience, regardless of whether you're looking for gifts or just the usual day-to-day items needed by any modern American family.

Silver Sands Factory Stores

This is the largest outlet center in the entire United States and is crammed with every kind of store you can imagine, making it a shoppers paradise as a result. You won't have any trouble finding parking and once inside the aromas from the gourmet food court will immediately grab your attention. You can quite easily spend hours browsing everything that Silver Sands Factory Stores has on offer.

The Market Shops

If you're looking for a slightly more upmarket shopping experience then the Market Shops at Sandestin will fit the bill exactly. The shops here specialize in selling artwork, clothes gifts and jewelry but there are also a few places where you can stop to eat too. This is a beautiful setting to shop in featuring a pond, fountain and clock tower with lots of flora decorating the stores and streets themselves.

Santa Rosa Mall

From the outside the Santa Rosa Mall looks quite small but once you step inside it seems to go on forever. If you're looking for a one-stop shopping experience then you'll find it here. There's a large food court with lots of seating and plenty of benches for you to rest on when you're worn out from shopping.

These 3 stores give you a clear idea of just how much shopping Destin can offer any resident - remember too this is just the Top 3 in the area and not a complete list by any means.

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