The Top 3 Restaurants in Destin Florida

Posted by Karrie Rose on Tuesday, February 19th, 2013 at 8:33am.

pasta_480Obviously the fact that Destin is so popular with tourists from across the country and around the world means that it will have a wide variety of dining experiences on offer. The thing is though that there's a big difference between simply running a restaurant and running one which provides each and every diner with a memorable eating experience. What we want to share with you here are our 3 favorite restaurants in Destin itself - hopefully you'll get a chance to try each of them out some time very soon.

McGuire’s Irish Pub and Brewery

It doesn't matter if you're just visiting Destin or if you're living here you'll have to try out McGuire's at least once. Why? Well if nothing else you're going to be fed properly - some of the starters are enough to fill you before the main courses even arrive. If you love good steaks and pasta dishes then you'll love the menu in McGuire's, plus the atmosphere and the decor just add to the whole experience. The pub itself has been open since 1996 and is one of the most popular in the area.


There's nothing worse than ordering a meal and being presented with scraps of meat arranged artistically and covered in some weird sauce - that's haute cuisine for you though. This isn't a problem when you eat at Callahans because this locally owned restaurant knows how to feed its customers, not overcharge them and put some real effort into preparing their food. No matter whether you want a sandwich, a big bowl of pasta or just a great steak you'll love the food in Callahans.

Old Bay Steamer

Although this restaurant isn't strictly in Destin you'll still find that it's more than worth the short journey to Fort Walton Beach to eat here. We know that we're kinda cheating here including this restaurant but we felt we wouldn't be doing our duty properly if we didn't include it. When you get there we strongly suggest that you try the King crab...delicious doesn't even come close.

These are just our favorite 3 folks but there are dozens more to choose from so no matter what type of food you love you'll find Destin has at least one restaurant serving it.

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