The Stand Up Paddleboard Craze Found in South Walton

Posted by Karrie Rose on Wednesday, August 21st, 2013 at 2:28pm.

paddleboarding_250It seems that every other picture you look at from South Walton features a beautiful look at the way the water and land work together. Along with the beautiful scenery, it seems there's always some man or woman on a board, standing up, with a paddle. The evidence of the stand up paddleboard craze taking over the area is piling up.

As one of the most popular activities, many residents didn't even know about a few years ago, the SoWal area has become the popular home for many paddleboarders. This new watersport fits right into the lifestyle here, which is full of nature, unique water sports and so much more. With the ocean and the many dune lakes covering the area, it's no surprise this sport has caught on so fast.

Where did SUPing come from?

SUPing, or Stand Up Paddleboarding originally was started bay just a few surfers in Hawaii. It started by pairing a longboard with a canoe paddle to help surfers train and catch waves while standing up instead of lying down on their stomachs. Of course, this unique way to catch a wave, caught on fast and expanded into the sport of SUPing.

SUPing Expanded in Popularity Fast

Not only did surfers catch on to SUPing, but also ocean goers, fitness buffs and many others caught onto it fast. Many have even tried to create workout machines to duplicate the motions out of the water because SUPing provides such a great full body workout.

The popularity has grown even more because the sport isn't locked to just the ocean. Boards used for SUPing can be used on any body of water, which makes the South Walton area perfect for this popular watersport. Not only can you use it for surfing in the ocean, but also as just stand up paddleboarding in one of the many coastal lakes in the area.

YOLO Boards has helped with the popularity in the area and has gained national attention. This South Walton creator of SUPing boards was one of the first to enter the industry in 2005. The word "YOLO" is now associated with SUPing locally, but before it was, the company was providing watersport enthusiasts with boards for SUPing.

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