The Dream of a Brewery Coming True in South Walton

Posted by Karrie Rose on Friday, November 15th, 2013 at 12:19pm.

Frasier Hansen and Shawn Sherman met and became friends a few years ago. They share a dream of opening a craft brewery and at the time, this just seemed like a dream. However, the time has passed, financing has been found and hard work has been put in to create the Idyll Hounds Brewing Company. These proud owners are about to start working on their first batch of ale in their new facility found off Highway 98 between Rosemary Beach and Point Washington.

The location in the South Walton Commerce Park is about 7,500 square feet and is nearly complete. It will contain all the necessary brewing equipment and they will start on their first two batches of beer, Divide & Conch'r double IPA and Man o'Wheat, immediately.

This dynamic duo met as chefs at the Summer Kitchen Cafe in 2011. As they discovered how much they both love beer and food, it only made sense for a brewer to sprout out of their friendship. Frasier had already been home brewing and had already created a few brews from his own recipes. He introduced Shawn to this world and they bonded over beer.

Frasier worked in a homebrew supply shop in Salt Lake City before moving to the South Walton area. He learned quite a bit about home brewing there and started making his own beer many years ago. He considered entering into an American brewing education program, but found out they all have about a two-year waiting period. However, there was a facility in England that offered a program and he was able to apply and become accepted.

This experience and finding the right partner in Shawn has led to a new craft brewery that will produce round 2,000 barrels of beer tin the first year. They will distribute the produce locally and plan to grow as demand grows. Beers from Idyll Hounds will be available by the keg and in cans.

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