Fishing in South Walton, the Natural Way

Posted by Karrie Rose on Wednesday, September 11th, 2013 at 6:00pm.

fishing_250Fishing through Walton County is a natural way of life. Small charter boats go out daily with guests ready to fish for the first time in the ocean, while others head out daily with veterans getting their limit daily. Some don't even load into a boat, but choose to fish right off the beach at Grayton.

Captains often launch their boat right from the beach, which is considered, "Fishing the Walton Way." Everyday boats will return between 11am and 12pm, which is a spectacular scene. They will do it again between 4pm and 5pm, after their afternoon fishing charters.

What Are They Catching?

Many of the captains taking out charters are coming back with white snapper, sea bass, white snapper and Vermillion snapper. These can be seen on the side of their boats, just hanging out. However, some of the captains will also pull in the occasional large grouper, big king mackerel and bluefish.

Sometimes, they run into issues with dolphins. They will actually rob them of their vermillion by taking them right off the hook. Many of the mackerel caught by recent charters are caught with a slow trolling methods around the bottom of the sea.

Taking out families not from the South Walton area can be quite a bit of fun. Especially when they get to see something rare, such as a sharpnose shark get hauled in or another large fish. Of course, the sharks can cause issues just like the dolphins. The occasional half-snapper is caught because bull sharks will snap off the rest of the fish while it's being hauled in. When this happens, captains usually move to another spot.

Charters in the Area

Many charters go out every day including:

  • Fish On - Captain Jimbo Bishop
  • Fishy Booty Charter - Captain Mark Thompson
  • Not A Tog - Captain Kerry Jones
  • Capt. Phil's Charters - Captain Phil Hammond

If you're a part-time or full-time resident and you want to catch your first ocean fish, any of these charters will provide a great opportunity for fishing the Walton way.

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