Destin Has Healthy Employment Prospects For You

Posted by Karrie Rose on Friday, February 1st, 2013 at 9:47am.

selected_for_job_687In a time when there are millions of people out of work it's refreshing to hear that not every city is suffering the same fate as most of blue-collar America. Destin has a more than healthy employment climate and can also boast of having one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country, coming in at just 5% and is actually the lowest unemployment rate in Florida, period.

Part of the reason for this low, low rate of unemployment is that Destin has a highly skilled and highly educated workforce - due in no small part to the excellent education system in the region and also that there are 2 universities and a state college within a few minutes drives of each other in the city.

Of course when any company is looking to create a start-up in a given city one of the most important deciding factors for them is looking at the local knowledge economy and this is where Destin has made itself very attractive to all kinds of potential businesses and investors.

The fact that Destin has such a low unemployment rate also means that the local economy has more disposable income injected into it as result, benefitting the entire city. If you look at the fact that the average income per person is almost $40,000 per year, which is over 40% higher than both the state and national average you can see the economy in Destin is more than healthy. Overall this leads to a great standard of living and quality of life for everyone in the city, and in turn this attracts even more new business to the area.

So if you're tired of chasing jobs which seem to be gone before they're even advertized and you like tropical weather then why not consider Destin as your new home? Or at the very least add it to viewing list for the very near future?

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