Destin Has An Excellent Standard of Education

Posted by Karrie Rose on Thursday, January 31st, 2013 at 8:57am.

Right now you're probably either in a position where you have kids and are concerned about their getting the best education possible or you're just starting out in life but you're still concerned that your kids (when they arrive) will have the best possible education. If you're looking at Destin, Florida as a potential future home for you or your family then you'll be very happy to hear that the standard of education in this southern Florida city is extremely high.

students_in_class_300Education in Destin is taken care of by the Okaloosa County School District, and although you may not have heard of them before their results speak for themselves. Students in Destin have math and reading scores which are 40% above the state average and are 12% higher than the national average - these results being attained when the United States is struggling to maintain a basic level of education for students across the country. Not only do the schools in Destin meet the educational needs of your family they actually exceed them in a very dramatic way. 12% higher than the national average - an amazing result!

There's a great selection of both public and private schools in the area with more than 20 elementary schools, 12 middle schools and 6 high schools - offering more than enough academic choices for even the fussiest of parents. In terms of post high school education options in specific trades or academia there are plenty of choices with the University of West Florida, Northwest Florida State College and Troy State University being located just a short distance away. Obviously being able to attend a university in an area with a tropical climate is just an added bonus.

So not only does Destin offer you amazing views, incredible weather and a great standard of living but the education system in the area is better than most other cities in the country too!

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