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We humans are fortunate in that we live on such a very beautiful planet that just happens to have the perfect balance of heat, moisture and light to sustain life. We are the only planet that we know of which resides in what is called the "Goldilocks" zone near our closest star (the Sun) - the perfect distance from this gigantic nuclear reactor to keep our planet at just the right temperature for life to thrive in abundance.

Of all the places you could potentially choose to set up home in the United States there are very few which can offer you the weather and the views on offer from the Gulf of Mexico, exactly where Destin is situated. Destin itself was once an island but over the millennia the sea levels fell and this island has now become the

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selected_for_job_687In a time when there are millions of people out of work it's refreshing to hear that not every city is suffering the same fate as most of blue-collar America. Destin has a more than healthy employment climate and can also boast of having one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country, coming in at just 5% and is actually the lowest unemployment rate in Florida, period.

Part of the reason for this low, low rate of unemployment is that Destin has a highly skilled and highly educated workforce - due in no small part to the excellent education system in the region and also that there are 2 universities and a state college within a few minutes drives of each other in the city.

Of course when any company is looking to create a start-up in a given city

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Right now you're probably either in a position where you have kids and are concerned about their getting the best education possible or you're just starting out in life but you're still concerned that your kids (when they arrive) will have the best possible education. If you're looking at Destin, Florida as a potential future home for you or your family then you'll be very happy to hear that the standard of education in this southern Florida city is extremely high.

students_in_class_300Education in Destin is taken care of by the Okaloosa County School District, and although you may not have heard of them before their results speak for themselves. Students in Destin have math and reading scores which are 40% above the state average and are 12% higher than the

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WaterColor Beach Florida

Looking for hidden treasure along Florida's Emerald Coast? That's exactly how residents describe the quiet beach community of WaterColor on the Gulf Coast.

Located in Santa Rosa Beach, just minutes from Destin and Panama City, this luxurious village of elegant homes and condos is nestled amongst sandy beaches, a 220-acre coastal lake and pine forests.

There are homes for every taste, including contemporary beach houses or cozy Florida cottages. For those seeking a low-maintenance lifestyle, you'll find a tempting selection of amenity-laden town homes and condos.

WaterColor Fun in the Sun

When you get tired of lounging by the beach, WaterColor has plenty of activities to keep you occupied:

  • WaterColor Beach Club: Spend a luxurious day at the
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sunset_smaller_375Whether you're planning a much-needed beach vacation or are looking for a great new Florida home, there is one desirable feature that is sure to come near the top of anyone's list. How close is the property to water? Yes folks, the fact that waterfront homes and condos remain the pinnacle of Florida's real estate market will come as no surprise to anyone who has ever stepped foot on the Emerald Coast's immaculate sugar-white sands.

Be it sweeping views of the Gulf of Mexico from an expansive deck, or a glimpse of a lagoon from a bedroom window, the very proximity of a property to water simply adds to its appeal for a significant majority of buyers. And there are few places in the world where so much real estate offers the chance to sit back and gaze at

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It seems everyone has a favorite beach destination. Some of us prefer quiet, secluded sands where we can relax in peace while others seek out lively locations where fun activities and a vibrant nightlife are the main attractions. But when we plan a vacation, how do we know what we will find when we arrive in an area that may be unfamiliar to us? A little research can do wonders, and these days there are countless online directories and forums providing us with an amazing amount of ideas and opinions.

panama_city_beach_smaller_350The latest survey to catch our eye was the Top 5 Favorite Beaches poll conducted by The Weather Channel. For the purposes of the survey, the country was split into five regions: West Coast, East Coast, Gulf Coast, Great Lakes and Florida. Of course, the

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Spring is traditionally a time when many prospective home buyers step up their searches and begin the process of finding a new home. Even in an uncertain economy, with an unpredictable real estate market, there will be considerable interest in homes for sale as we edge ever nearer to the summer months.

With all the negative media coverage regarding home sales around the country it is totally understandable that a great number of sellers and buyers are exercising extra caution. But, the fact remains that the majority of Americans still want to own a home and all the confusing rhetoric about buying versus renting, bargain foreclosures and declining values can only add to our general lack of confidence and discomfort.

The truth is, there are some excellent

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Destin, Florida is world famous as a top class sport fishing resort, and is renowned as the home of the annual Destin Fishing Rodeo. Established back in the late 1940s the Destin Fishing Rodeo attracts tens of thousands of anglers of all ages every October. But for those who can't wait until Rodeo time rolls around, the Florida Gulf Coast also offers another major competitive fishing event, the Emerald Coast Blue Marlin Classic.

atlantic_blue_marlin_350Now in its ninth year, this growing tournament is attracting increasingly large crowds and this year the organizers are expecting more participants than ever. Kicking off in Sandestin on June 21, the 5-day competition is timed to coincide with the peak of the blue marlin season in the Gulf, and anglers will be competing for

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With prices at an all-time low, the Florida condominium market is thriving. According to figures published by The National Association of Realtors, sales of condos in the state continue to rise, with 11% increase in November 2010. As one of the most hard-hit regions, due in part to large numbers of foreclosures and the negative impact of the Gulf oil spill, Florida has endured something of a bumpy ride during the recent economic crisis; but it seems that confidence in the market is returning.

destin_smaller2_300_01While other depressed markets continue to struggle throughout the nation, Florida's future is looking increasingly sunnier - in more ways than one. Overseas buyers, particularly those from Britain and elsewhere in Europe, have been flocking back to the Florida

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