November 2014

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Hilton residence in Panama City BeachAnyone who has driven along 30-A between Rosemary Beach and Alys Beach may have seen this home. Emerging behemoth-like amid a neighborhood of Seacrest luxury beach estates, is the Hilton Residence.

Most folks are curious about the history regarding this unique Seacrest home in Paradise by the Sea.


It all started in the early 90s when, after a lengthy search for the right designer, Panama City businessman, Charles Hilton and his wife, commissioned the reknowned Fresno architect, Arthur Dyson to create their beachfront dream home in Paradise by the Sea. Work began in 1999, and construction resumed for at least ten years.

Arthur Dyson Hilton residenceThe intended design was to integrate seamlessly into the surrounding dunes and oceanfront setting. The home would

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Local holiday markets & craft fairs

This is the time of year when schedules get even busier with Christmas parties, bake exchanges, secret Santas, vacation plans and more! So where do we find the time to get all of our Christmas shopping done? If you're one of the 2 % who shops for gifts throughout the year, we salute your forward-thinking organizational skills.

For the rest of us that tend to leave things to the last minute, the holiday spirit can sometimes waiver when shopping in the throngs of other final-hour buyers, as the enjoyment of the season turns to anxiety and tug-of-wars over final stock items. A good way to avoid this stress is to form a plan: try setting a countdown goal or creating a to-do list and get shopping once a weekend from now until the big day. To make it all

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Destin Snowbirds

Taking a page from many of the forward-thinking migratory birds that escape the northern chill of winter every year and head south to nest, so do the Destin Snowbirds. Shivering folks from Ontario, Canada to Michigan have been flocking to our emerald coast every season for some rest and respite in the gloriously warm, beachy landscapes. But that's not all we have to offer, this is a friendly city where all the folks "have time to say hello" according to poem "I've Fallen In Love With Destin," by LTC. Ret. Samuel Lombardo. The full poem can be found on the Destin Snowbird Club website.

The Club began during the winter of '73-74, when "Red" Lyon and his wife Virginia found sanctuary in their first retirement winter here, and during the season

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green destin fl homeIt’s all about being green these days, and Destin beach homes are no exception. From the completely electric Nissan Leaf to the expanse of wind farms producing electricity in West Texas. Being green and increasing sustainability is a trend that doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. Perhaps it’s because going green actually saves you green – money that is. If you want to avoid having a heart attack the next time you get your utility bills, consider putting into effect some of these green tips for your Destin beach home:

1. Clean and replace filters

This goes for clothes dryers as well as your air conditioning vents. Anything with a filter has to work harder when it’s being blocked by a buildup of dust, dirt, or lint, so clear it away and start

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