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destin_neighborhood_640Choosing a great neighborhood to live is an integral part of relocating anywhere in North America, or anywhere around the world for that matter. There are already lots of great reasons for living in Destin like the climate, the beaches, the people and a vibrant local economy but being able to live in a great neighborhood would be the icing on the cake for most people we feel. So to that end we've put together a quick guide to some of the best neighborhoods in Destin for you to check out.

Emerald Coast Parkway

This coastal neighborhood is made up of single-family homes and a number of apartments too and is one of the more exclusive places to live anywhere in Florida, so you can expect most of your neighbors to be both well educated and quite wealthy.

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Getting to and from the city you're considering relocating to is an important part of the decision making process so how easy a Destination is this southern city to get to or from for that matter? As you'd expect from a southern city like Destin the infrastructure in the city is very good and with the busy tourist trade, which comes to the city each year modern and efficient transport, is literally the lifeblood of the city itself.

First off there are 3 different airports either within Destin itself or a very short drive away. First you have Northwest Florida Regional Airport, which provides air transport throughout the entire Gulf Coast area. Next up there's Pensacola Airport which offers flights to and from Destin to major US cities, with numerous

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Ok we admit this is one for the guys out there who are reading our blog posts as part of their research into relocating to Destin, Florida. This museum is one which is generally only going to apply to dads and their sons and is the only museum of its type in the world - one dedicated to some of the very best exhibits of the aircraft of the United States Air Force and the various armaments they use. The museum itself has been open since 1974 and attracts more than 80,000 visitors per year.

One aircraft you'll notice straight away is the SR-71 Blackbird which is the centerpiece of all the other aircraft on display. It's hard to believe that an aircraft which was once classified as top secret is now part of a museum exhibit, and it's also amazing to

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fishing_770If you're considering relocating to Destin then you're obviously a fan of the sea, seafood and perhaps fishing too. Obviously the climate, location and amenities in Destin are all great reasons to move here but the fishing is so good that we figured we'd give that a mention too.

One of the really neat things about fishing in Destin, Florida is that you don't necessarily need a boat because the pier and jetty fishing here is fantastic, for want of better words. There are dozens of different species living off the Emerald Coast and from April through to October you can look forward to some lively fishing from piers and jetties all over Destin. You can expect to catch whiting, Channel Bass, Trout, Bluefish, Flounder, Mackerel, Cobia, Bonito and Pompano

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golf_course_1_320How can you possibly considering visiting or moving to Destin without checking out the local golf scene first? Well we're pretty sure you've already had a quick look but to highlight just how good the golfing is in and around the city of Destin, Florida we want to mention some of the best golf clubs in the city and ones that we strongly recommend you play at least one round of golf on while you're living here.

Bluewater Bay Resort

As the name suggests you're obviously getting much more than just a golf course at the Bluewater but let's just focus on the golfing facilities for now. This club offers 36 holes of golf on courses designed by Jerry Pate and Tom Fazio. With stunning views of Choctawhatchee Bay as the backdrop to your round of golf on a

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pasta_480Obviously the fact that Destin is so popular with tourists from across the country and around the world means that it will have a wide variety of dining experiences on offer. The thing is though that there's a big difference between simply running a restaurant and running one which provides each and every diner with a memorable eating experience. What we want to share with you here are our 3 favorite restaurants in Destin itself - hopefully you'll get a chance to try each of them out some time very soon.

McGuire’s Irish Pub and Brewery

It doesn't matter if you're just visiting Destin or if you're living here you'll have to try out McGuire's at least once. Why? Well if nothing else you're going to be fed properly - some of the starters are enough to

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If you've ever heard anyone speak about Destin in Florida then no doubt you'll have heard them give glowing reviews of the beaches in the area - and for good reason too. Having fantastic sunrises, sunsets and amazing beaches is just part of living on the Emerald Coast but every now and again we get reminded of just what a great place Destin is to live. You see when you're surrounded by such an idyllic setting on a daily basis you kind of wind up taking it for granted - even though you never mean to.


One perfect example of somebody else noticing something amazing about Destin was the recent decision on the part of Yahoo to include one of our beaches in the "Top 10" of beach destinations around the entire world. The beach, which actually received this

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destin_nightlife_320Moving to Destin for the climate, employment opportunities, the scenery or the friendly locals are very good reasons for coming here. Part of moving to an area where there's a great climate is that you get to enjoy going out more often because the weather doesn't prevent you from doing that. So even if you're single or raising your family you'll still need to get out now and again for a proper break from life and to enjoy all the late night entertainment Destin has to offer you.

Based on that we wanted to give you a sampling of the clubs in Destin that might be worth a visit, places where you can enjoy a few drinks and laughs with friends.

First up on the list is AJ's Seafood & Oyster Bar where you can enjoy some great food, great music and get

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Destin itself was originally a fishing village founded by Captain Leonard Destin but since then it has gradually grown from a humble village to the metropolitan city it is today. Thanks to its tropical location Destin can offer you some of the most amazing beaches you've ever seen, thanks also to the ancient waters of the Gulf of Mexico. The beaches are filled with white powder sand, with the warm azure waters of the Gulf of Mexico lapping against them, making Destin a more than idyllic place to either visit or actually set up home in.

The reason why the sand on the beaches of Destin is so fine is that it's actually made from ground quartz which makes it look like the beaches are covered in powdered sugar instead of actual sand. It's difficult

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Florida is all too often seen as the state where people go to either retire or go on holidays but the Sunshine State, and Destin as part of that, has a lot more to offer than you might expect. Destin itself can boast of having 6 movie theaters, 31 bars, 10 libraries and of course more than 30 golf courses too - the 200+ days of sun per year is enough to keep any golfer happy.

Being a city with a regular influx of tourists each year you would expect Destin to have quite a few restaurants and it actually has more than 500 in total. Now granted not all of those are going to carry a Michelin star or 3 but you can't deny that you won't have a variety of places to choose from in terms of dining during the morning, afternoon or evening.

destin_boardwalk_okaloosa_island_560If you've never lived

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